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Rainforest Dragonfly

October 12th, 2012


Of the many varied creatures that reside in and around Thala, one of the more colourful and mysterious would surely be the rainforest dragonfly. Firstly, t… More…

Stargazing with Rose

October 2nd, 2012


While sounding like some late night flowery encounter, stargazing with Rose involves an hour or so with Rose Wyatte, Thala’s resident astronomical sco… More…

Parrot Fish

September 25th, 2012

Parrot Fish on the Great Barrier Reef Australia

The colourful, ubiquitous parrot fish is a marvellous addition to the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. Besides handsomely adding to the colour… More…


September 21st, 2012


While fish have different things going for them, it surely would pay to be a batfish, an elongated, laterally flattened species that could dart through the… More…


September 18th, 2012


Often termed lilies of the sea, crinoids, which can resemble a beautiful underwater flower, or perhaps even a creature from a Ridley Scott thriller, are am… More…

Red-legged Pademelon

September 14th, 2012


A one-of-a-kind rainforest wallaby with rust coloured limbs, the Red-legged Pademelon is a spirited creature that communicates via hard thumps in the gr… More…

White-lipped Tree Frog

September 11th, 2012


Unlike the adage suggests, the White-lipped Tree Frog doesn’t suffer from fear or terror, rather its name owes to a brilliant white stripe that runs… More…

Musky Rat Kangaroo

September 7th, 2012


The smallest kangaroo on the planet, the Musky Rat Kangaroo is also a diurnal day napper, usually taking a kip at midday before sleeping through the night. H… More…

Kauri Pine

September 4th, 2012


If you’re fortunate enough to be vacationing in this part of the world, it pays to immerse yourself under the local vegetation, to get the essence of the pl… More…

Barron Falls

August 31st, 2012


Thundering and churning its way through the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, in the Barron Gorge National Park, Barron Falls puts on a spectacular display… More…

Mareeba Rock-wallaby

August 28th, 2012


A member of the Allied Rock Wallabies, which is not an association but a scientific classification, the Mareeba Rock-wallaby shares characteristics wit… More…

Rainforest Fungi

August 24th, 2012


Diverse, colourful, animal-like, bioluminescent and often toxic. Sounding like an unfriendly creature from another planet, rainforest fungi are quit… More…

Coral Trout

August 21st, 2012


Also known as the Leopard Coral Grouper, the Coral Trout could be considered somewhat of a lush, as it will rarely move outside of a 500 metre area, while it ha… More…

Crested Hawk

August 17th, 2012


With generous, piercing eyes and a unique hunting technique, the Crested Hawk, also known as the colloquial sounding Pacific Bazza, is a character all of i… More…

Sailfin Snapper

August 14th, 2012


Marked with a steep forehead and signature black spot on its tail, the Sailfin Snapper is a shy, solitary creature that cruises the waters of the Great Barri… More…

Spectacled Flying Fox

August 10th, 2012


For a creature with straw coloured rings of fur around its eyes, that soars amongst the rainforest canopy with the slick face and snout of a fox, it’s not ha… More…

Lace Monitor

August 7th, 2012


Armed with a prodigious head, camouflaged skin and sharp tree climbing skills, the lace monitor is a sturdy forager and a tenacious opportunist. Besides r… More…

The Spangled Drongo

August 3rd, 2012


There’s not many names that suit the character of a creature as aptly as the Spangled Drongo, a sort of yobo of the avian world that’s earned its name thro… More…

Macleay’s Honeyeater

July 31st, 2012


Endemic to Far North Queensland, between Cooktown and the southern end of the Paluma Range, the Macleay’s Honeyeater is an inconspicuous species that f… More…

Butterfly Cod

July 27th, 2012


A striking looking creature, which looks as if it’s set to star in an underwater Chinese New Year Parade, the Butterfly Cod is adorned with fins and spikes… More…

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