Cape York Lily Australia

The Cape York Lily at Thala Beach Lodge.

The Cape York Lily at Thala Beach Lodge.

Naturally distributed through the tropical areas of Australia The Cape York Lily (Curcuma Australasica) is also in full bloom with its striking electric pink colour. It’s considered good ‘bush tucker’ and is a native turmeric of the ginger family. It dies back in the drier Winter months before remerging from underground rhizomes with the onset of the wet season.

The onset of spring has seen the beautiful Cape York Lily emerging in the gardens of Thala Beach Lodge. The striking pink flower of The Cape York Lily is unmissable in full bloom, contrasted against it’s broad green leaves. The flower stalks can grow up to 50cm in height, and often appear even before it’s leaves have fully unfurled.

A native tumeric plant in the ginger family, The Cape York Lily grows from a tuber which is not only edible, but quite palatable when roasted.

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