Coconuts are a hit with Carl!

Carl talking Coconuts

Carl talking Coconuts

Carl Johanson is our resident Coconut guru + his Coconut Odyssey tour is proving to be a hit! There are many amazing benefits and myths surrounding Coconuts and Carl is on a mission to convert the world to Coconuts! A huge hit with guests, Carl has been included in NineMSN’s Australia’s most eccentric Tour Guides.

Carl shared some of his thoughts over a cooling Coconut…

Q. Where do coconuts come from…

A. Different cultures have claimed ownership of coconuts. Here in Australia people have been destroying coconut palms saying they are not native, but recent fossilized evidence off the coast of Australia points to the origins being between here and Papua New Guinea.

Q. What got me hooked…

A. I love the taste of coconuts. But I got hooked when I learnt that coconut does not make fat, but instead helps to burn it and as a result has given me a nice 6 pack. You gotta get hooked on that!

Q. Nutritional benefits…

A. There are too many to list them all, but the best would be-

– Speeds up metabolism
– Antiviral, Antibacterial & Antifungal properties
– Builds the immune system

And I believe the best quality food left on this planet! Just think the fruit is up high so no pests can affect it, therefore no Herbicides or Pesticides are required. They’ll grow in the sand, needing no fertilizer and don’t need to be genetically modified.

Q. Why you should take the tour…

A. It’s the only coconut tour in Australia. A great opportunity to learn amazing facts about coconuts, and dispel the myths suppressing this miracle food.

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