Daintree Animals with David Armbrust

david armbrustWhen exploring a unique and largely impenetrable area like the Daintree Rainforest, it helps to have the aid of a passionate and knowledgeable guide. And if you’re looking to find out more about Daintree animals, such a fellow exists in the form of David Armbrust.

Having a unique knowledge of the Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation Rainforest, David has spent his time as a naturalist/guide on a cruise boat, before conducting four wheel drive tours in Queensland’s Far North.

With more than 25-years experience in nature based tourism in the area, along with a lifetime of knowledge of the local environment, David’s knowledge on Daintree animals is extensive by any standard.

Both David and his wife Dianne are currently running full and half-day tours for a limited number of guests near Port Douglas, not far from Thala Beach Lodge. Groups are limited to four people and the half-day tours are spent in Thylogale, at David’s private rainforest retreat. Both tours include bush tea served at David’s rainforest hideaway.

david armbrust pademelon daintreeThylogale is also the first stop for the Australian Natural History Safari, and the Queensland Department of Environment have described it as having a “significant habitat type which was not represented in Australia’s existing National Park Estate.”

The area is also the largest protective habitat for the highly endangered tree Sankowskya stipularis, and contains more species than Kakadu National Park, hosting 40% of all bird and 30% of all mammal species in Australia. Thylogale also contains the Mitchell River, Australia’s second largest river system, which is one of the most impressive and ecologically diverse in the country.

The full-day tours continue from Thylogale to a variety of ecosystems known to David within the Great Dividing Range. Guests have lunch in the montane wilderness, at the junction of two rivulets in Mount Lewis National Park, before David takes you through prime eucalypt forest in his 4WD especially catered for groups of no more than four people.

By limiting the numbers, David’s car can venture into areas not explored by mainstream tourism, while ensuring you of a more personal experience, with maximum wildlife exposure. Daintree animals seen on the tour include the Musky-Rat Kangaroo, the elusive platypus, and a variety of Australian marsupials.

Maps and binoculars are provided for the full and half day tours. A full-day tour with David includes lunch and you will be returned to your accommodation between 4:00 and 4:30pm.

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