There are some interesting walks and guided tours of Thala’s grounds and coconut plantation included in your stay.

Coconut Odyssey

Nature WalksTake a guided walk through our coconut plantation learning about the bounteous possibilities of ‘The Tree of Life’. The Coconut is a tree of great versatility providing food, drink, clothing and shelter as well as a source of income from it’s products. Take home some valuable knowledge, an extended palate and a memorable experience.

Guided Bird Walks

David is our bird and butterfly expert and you will be thrilled at the colour and variety of the species to be found at Thala. An early start to hear the first chorus of Thala’s birds in full song is a wonderful way to welcome a new day. We also have local experts who can take you for full day birding expeditions through a wide variety of habitats. Pick up a Bird Sighting Calendar from the Adventure desk and see if you can add to the extensive number of varieties spotted so far

Nature and Garden Walks

You will be guided through 145 acres of a variety of native flora by Brett and his enthusiastic team. They delight in sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for the environment.

Amongst rare Littoral rainforest clinging to the sandy dunes and the soft shade of eucalypts you will enjoy the scamper of native fauna.We have so many exciting plants and animals at Thala.

(Please Note: Guided walks are free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)

Map of Onsite Walks at Thala

Nature Walks