January 2015

Yellow Bellied Sunbird

Adorned with a metallic blue chest and throat, and a bright plumage true to its name, the Yellow bellied Sunbird can be found fluttering about the forest sur… More...

crimson finch
February 2013

Crimson Finch

Within Thala’s stunning surrounds, it’s the native residents which often lend the resort its vibrant setting. One such resident, which you may occas… More...

Magpie Goose
January 2013

Magpie Goose

While sounding like some disturbing hybrid mutation that swoops residents while making loud honking noises, the magpie goose is a species in its own right… More...

Yellow Honeyeater Australia
December 2012

Yellow Honeyeater

With a name like Yellow Honeyeater, it’s no wonder this bird often chirps happily, as it conjures up such lovely imagery. It’s also a fortunate bir… More...

Brahminy Kite
December 2012

Brahminy Kite

While sounding like a sweet bird, the Brahminy Kite is not to be trifled with. With piercing dark eyes and a strongly aquiline yellow beak, the bird is primar… More...

Red Tailed Black Cockatoo
December 2012

Red-tailed Black Cockatoo

Look to the skies in the country’s north, particularly during dry periods, and you may see (or hear) a strange and beautiful bird. A dark creature with red… More...

Rainbow Lorikeet
November 2012

The Rainbow Lorikeet

A colourful addition to the treetops of Far North Queensland is the rainbow lorikeet. Possessing a stunning chromatic plumage in the form of a deep-blue he… More...

Crested Hawks
August 2012

Crested Hawk

With generous, piercing eyes and a unique hunting technique, the Crested Hawk, also known as the colloquial sounding Pacific Bazza, is a character all of i… More...

Spangled Drongo
August 2012

The Spangled Drongo

There’s not many names that suit the character of a creature as aptly as the Spangled Drongo, a sort of yobo of the avian world that’s earned its name thro… More...

Mccleays Honeyeater
July 2012

Macleay’s Honeyeater

Endemic to Far North Queensland, between Cooktown and the southern end of the Paluma Range, the Macleay’s Honeyeater is an inconspicuous species that f… More...

Bush Stone Curlew Australia
June 2012

The Bush Stone Curlew

In the open forests and woodlands of Australia, particularly in the north, there roams a long legged, ground dwelling bird called the Bush Stone Curlew. Oc… More...

April 2010

Official opening of the new bird hide!

Amongst peaceful doves and under the watchful eye of the resident nesting pair of Osprey, David Anderson and the team at Thala officially launched the newe… More...

October 2009

Australian Birds at Thala

Birdwatchers contain yourself please! Some new and fairly rare species of Australian birds are being seen at Thala probably due to the very dry period. A No… More...