baby ospreys at Thala Port Douglas
August 2013

The growing Osprey family at Thala

With the house firmly established after undergoing recent renovations and decorations, the young family continues to grow. It is thought by some that ext… More...

crimson finch
February 2013

Crimson Finch

Within Thala’s stunning surrounds, it’s the native residents which often lend the resort its vibrant setting. One such resident, which you may occas… More...

Magpie Goose
January 2013

Magpie Goose

While sounding like some disturbing hybrid mutation that swoops residents while making loud honking noises, the magpie goose is a species in its own right… More...

April 2010

Official opening of the new bird hide!

Amongst peaceful doves and under the watchful eye of the resident nesting pair of Osprey, David Anderson and the team at Thala officially launched the newe… More...

December 2009

Papuan Frogmouth

It’s a pitch black night here at Thala. A strange repetitive sound ‘zoop zoop zoop zoop’ softly resonates through the rainforest. It is hard to tell w… More...