Coconut Benefits

April 2012

Coconut Tour

Found across the tropics and subtropics in many parts of the world, coconuts are a main source of sustenance for many cultures, and in Australia the coconut… More…

Guests cocooned at Thala Beach Lodge

January 2011

Many guests cocooned at 5 star Thala Beach Lodge reportedly are enjoying the experience too much to leave! Michelle Behsman, the resort’s sales and mark… More…

Coconut Chocolate

January 2010

Now that I have your attention we’ll get to the chocolate in a moment.
Many people believe coconuts are bad because they contain saturated fat, personall… More…

Young Green Coconuts

December 2009

Young green coconuts contain a liquid that’s often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk comes from the flesh, unlike the water which is the endosper… More…

Coconuts are a hit with Carl!

November 2009

Carl Johanson is our resident Coconut guru + his Coconut Odyssey tour is proving to be a hit! There are many amazing benefits and myths surrounding Coconuts… More…

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