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December 2014

Recipe from Osprey’s Restaurant

Head Chef at Osprey’s Restaurant Luukas Trautner has been kind enough to share some of his favourite recipes on the menu at Thala Beach Nature Reserv… More...

Coconut Tour
April 2012

Coconut Benefits

Found across the tropics and subtropics in many parts of the world, coconuts are a main source of sustenance for many cultures, and in Australia the coconut… More...

January 2011

Guests cocooned at Thala Beach Lodge

Many guests cocooned at 5 star Thala Beach Lodge reportedly are enjoying the experience too much to leave! Michelle Behsman, the resort’s sales and mark… More...

January 2010

Coconut Chocolate

Coconut Chocolate Recipe Now that I have your attention we’ll get to the chocolate in a moment. Many people believe coconuts are bad because they contain… More...

December 2009

Young Green Coconuts

Green Coconuts Young green coconuts contain a liquid that’s often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk comes from the flesh, unlike the water which… More...

November 2009

Coconuts are a hit with Carl!

Carl talking Coconuts Carl Johanson is our resident Coconut guru + his Coconut Odyssey tour is proving to be a hit! There are many amazing benefits and myths… More...