Parrot Fish

September 2012

Parrot Fish on the Great Barrier Reef Australia

The colourful, ubiquitous parrot fish is a marvellous addition to the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef. Besides handsomely adding to the colour… More…


September 2012


While fish have different things going for them, it surely would pay to be a batfish, an elongated, laterally flattened species that could dart through the… More…


September 2012


Often termed lilies of the sea, crinoids, which can resemble a beautiful underwater flower, or perhaps even a creature from a Ridley Scott thriller, are am… More…

Butterfly Cod

July 2012

Butterfly Cod

A striking looking creature, which looks as if it’s set to star in an underwater Chinese New Year Parade, the Butterfly Cod is adorned with fins and spikes… More…

Giant Clam

July 2012

Giant Clam

A beautiful sight to behold, the giant clam, which enjoys the warm waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, is the largest living bivalve mollusc. At tim… More…

Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

June 2012

Snorkelling Great Barrier Reef

For a fun and accessible way to see rare and colourful creatures in a pristine coral environment, that’s also the largest in the world, there’s arguabl… More…

Maori Wrasse

June 2012

Maori Wrasse Australia

One of the many striking, yet rather unusual looking inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef is the Maori Wrasse. This bone headed bather contains two deligh… More…

Night Dive on the Great Barrier Reef

June 2012

Night Dive

With such an array of wildlife, including six turtle species, numerous whales and dolphins, and over 150,000 species of tropical fish, the Great Barrier R… More…

Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours

May 2012

Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours

Of all the ways to see Australia’s remarkable Great Barrier Reef, possibly the best way to get an overall perspective of this enormous living organism is… More…

Catlin Seaview Survey

April 2012

Catlin Seaview Survey

A new state-of-the-art project is underway that will show the Great Barrier Reef in a way never seen before. Titled the Catlin Seaview Survey, the project i… More…

Great Barrier Reef Documentary

April 2012

The Great Barrier Reef Documentary

The world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the planet’s largest living organism, is a truly remarkable site to behold. Such an impressive subject is… More…

Coral Spawning The Great Barrier Reef Australia 2011

November 2011

Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is set to put on another amazing show shortly as the annual coral spawning takes place. The coral spawning usually occurs 4 to 6 nights… More…

Humpback Whales Arrive at The Great Barrier Reef

June 2011

Humpback Whale Great Barrier Reef

It’s that time of the year again as reports of the first Humpback Whales arriving on the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas and Cairns are rolling in.… More…

Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns 2011

May 2011

The Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns Triathlon will see thousands of athletes, spectators and media flock to the area for the headline event of the Cairns A… More…

Round Headed Parrotfish Research – The Great Barrier Reef Australia

December 2010

New research conducted by the University Of Queensland has found that the Round Headed Parrotfish’s night time cocoon of mucous is actually to protect t… More…

Coral Trout Australia

September 2010

A common and special sight on the Great Barrier Reef is the Coral Trout. Coral Trout are targeted by the fishing industry because they are a good eating fish a… More…

Dwarf Minke Whale Story

August 2010

Rob Prettejohn made an appearance in a story on Seven’s Sunday Night Television show on 29th August 2010. We couldn’t resist posting the segm… More…

Dugong spotted at Thala

October 2009

Thala Beach Lodge was host to a rare and beautiful visitor this week; a dugong, or ‘sea cow’ as they are sometimes called. The rare sea mammal wa… More…

The Great Barrier Reef Australia

September 2009

The world’s biggest living structure is The Great Barrier Reef. The only living thing visible from Earth’s orbit. The Great Barrier Reef run… More…

Atherton Tablelands Australia and the Tree Kangaroo

September 2009

A day trip from Thala Beach Lodge takes you via the Rex Range to climb to the Atherton Tablelands. The views are spectacular as you begin a journey that can tak… More…

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