Rex routes132
October 2014

Gulf Route flights with Rex

Regional Express Airline (Rex) has announced they will be flying a new Cairns route as of 1 January 2015. Rex was awarded all five regulated routes that it ap… More...

eco traveller
February 2014

The Rise of the High-End Eco Traveller: Seeking Experience over Luxury

There is a new demographic of high-end travellers that aren’t looking for luxury – they’re looking for eco experiences without sacrifici… More...

February 2011

Thala plays part in Guinness World Record

In December 2010 a couple earned a Guinness World Record after renewing their wedding vows 85 times. The record previously stood at 83 vows. Mark and Denise… More...

October 2010

Great Barrier Reef Accommodation and Experiences Australia

One of the main drawcards for visitors to Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia is The Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, lazy resort holida… More...