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Yellow Honeyeater

With a name like Yellow Honeyeater, it’s no wonder this bird often chirps happily, as it conjures up such lovely imagery. It’s also a fortunate bird in that it’s endemic to north Queensland, where it flutters around its favourite tropical haunt – moist, lowland and mangrove forests, where it enjoys the good life.

Despite its syrup slurping surname, the bird in fact mostly eats nectar from plants such as Grevilleas and wild Bottlebrush Orchids. It appears to enjoy this existence immensely, as it fires a succession of rich, whistling calls throughout the day.

Yellow Honeyeater

The shot above is of a Yellow Honeyeater enjoying an afternoon at Thala, and the yellow, cotton-like object protruding from its mouth is in fact nectar. Ah – the bird’s life.

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