Remembering Apple the Wallaby, who charmed travellers from across the globe

At Thala Beach Nature Reserve we’re blessed to share our special place with the native wildlife who call our forest home. Wallabies and lizards, birds and butterflies, sugar gliders and snakes, possums and pademelons, they all live here along with the human visitors. We see many on a daily basis, others remain unseen. But we know they’re there as we see their poop and their tracks, we hear their calls and we see the bushes rustle as they go about their business.

Few have leaped into our hearts like Apple, the sweet little wallaby who cautiously hopped into the hotel lobby two years ago. She quickly became a regular visitor, making firm friends while charming all with her sweet nature and loveable long-lashed good looks. The only wild wallaby with her own hashtag, Apple the Wallaby made friends and fans across the globe, appearing in numerous magazines and newspapers.

It is with great sadness that we advise that Apple passed away on Friday 11 November 2016.

During her last days Apple was under the care of a wildlife veterinary surgeon who diagnosed an internal tumour. Receiving the best possible care, she slipped away quietly. Apple will be much missed, not only by all of Thala’s staff who considered her a loveable four-legged friend, but by countless visitors to Thala who were charmed by her. She was indeed a very special wallaby.

Rest in Peace sweet little Apple.

At the time of her illness Apple was nursing a young joey who was starting to make his own independent forays away from Mum’s pouch. This young male joey is in the hands of a dedicated wildlife carer who reports that he is doing well and responding to care. It is envisaged that eventually he will be released back into Thala’s forest when he is old enough. We hope that he will continue to roam Thala’s forest with his and Apple’s mob.

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