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20 Jul, 2015

Aboriginal Australia: our country is waiting for you

By | July 20th, 2015|

Mossman Gorge is located in the southern part of the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park, and is approximately 20 minutes drive from Thala. Eco-sensitive Mossman Gorge is one of the few places in the country where visitors can gain an insight into the lives, culture and beliefs

02 Jun, 2015

Happy birthday to the world’s largest crocodile in captivity

By | June 2nd, 2015|

The saying goes to never smile at a crocodile, but Cassius the saltwater crocodile couldn't help but leave his audience smiling as the 'salty' celebrated a record 112th birthday, complete with balloons, a 'happy birthday' sign – and a chicken birthday cake. Recognised by Guinness World Records as

28 May, 2015

There’s a Wallaby in the lobby!

By | May 28th, 2015|

We're blessed at Thala to have an abundance of wildlife inhabiting our 58 hectare nature reserve. Agile wallabies are becoming increasingly friendly, popping into the lobby, hopping through at all hours of the day and night as though they own the place! We've even had visits from a

12 May, 2015

Dwarf minke whales close to the heart of Thala’s owner

By | May 12th, 2015|

It's hard to believe that a whale species the size of an African elephant went unidentified by man until 1981, but that is exactly what happened with the Dwarf minke whale. Rob Prettejohn, owner of Thala Beach Nature Reserve at Port Douglas, was the first to record this

28 Apr, 2015

Winning video highlights Kuku Yalanji culture

By | April 28th, 2015|

The winner of the Paradise Through Your Lens video competition is Perth based filmmaker Jarrad Seng. This talented filmmaker took out first prize with an emotive film showcasing local indigenous culture. Nearby attractions to Thala that feature in Seng's film include the Mossman Gorge Centre  which is operated

18 Mar, 2015

David Attenborough returns to Great Barrier Reef

By | March 18th, 2015|

  David Attenborough will return to the Great Barrier Reef nearly 60 years after his first visit, as part of a new multi-platform media project between Atlantic Productions and Tourism Australia. Attenboroughs' visit is aimed at inspiring greater interest and more visits to the world’s largest coral reef

13 Mar, 2015

Explore Tropical North Queensland with the locals

By | March 13th, 2015|

  Discover which Great Barrier Reef islands you can camp on or catch up on the cultural highlights of Tropical North Queensland with the destination’s newly launched travel blog. New stories revealing some of Tropical North Queensland’s most exciting activities can be found at the Tropical North Queensland

09 Mar, 2015

‘Best moments at Thala’ photo competition winner

By | March 9th, 2015|

Thank you very much to everyone who entered our 'Best Moments at Thala' photo competition. We received some fantastic entries and loved seeing all your entries come through for the competition which ended on 28 February 2015. It was a touch decision for the judges but we're very

10 Feb, 2015

Happy Birthday Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures!

By | February 10th, 2015|

Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures have reached the grand old age of 80 years. Happy Birthday Hartley’s! It’s a milestone worthy of celebrating for this iconic wildlife park that was inducted into tourism’s Hall of Fame in 2012. The name Hartley’s has been synonymous with crocodiles since 1935. But the

10 Feb, 2015


By | February 10th, 2015|

Darting through the night air, creating a scintillating display of wonder with its luminous beauty, the firefly puts on quite a display. And while different to humans, in many respects fireflies and humans share a fundamental trait - the males are the main flashers, who cruise at night

29 Jan, 2015

Yellow Bellied Sunbird

By | January 29th, 2015|

Adorned with a metallic blue chest and throat, and a bright plumage true to its name, the Yellow bellied Sunbird can be found fluttering about the forest surrounding Thala. This often fearless bird also possesses a long curved beak, which it uses to hunt spiders from their homes

20 Jan, 2015

Atherton Tablelands and the Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo

By | January 20th, 2015|

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is located smack in the heart of some of north Queensland's most spectacular country. With the Great Barrier Reef as the star attraction, the region has plenty of other diversions too! The Atherton Tablelands are easily reached during on a day trip from Thala

13 Jan, 2015

Top tips from a tropical Wedding Coordinator

By | January 13th, 2015|

Thinking about a Port Douglas wedding? Or a Queensland beach wedding? Deciding on the location of your wedding can be as daunting as organising the big day itself. However the right location will not only add unique flavour to your wedding, it can take the stress out of

10 Dec, 2014

Recipe from Osprey’s Restaurant

By | December 10th, 2014|

Head Chef at Osprey's Restaurant Luukas Trautner has been kind enough to share some of his favourite recipes on the menu at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. A delicious combination of banana prawns, coconut and mango features as a special entree on our weekend lunch menu. Weekends are extremely

02 Dec, 2014

Q & A with Head Chef Luukas Trautner

By | December 2nd, 2014|

Recently appointed as Head Chef at Osprey’s Restaurant overlooking the Coral Sea, Luukas Trautner feels right at home in Tropical North Queensland. Born and raised in the island paradise of the Seychelles, Luukas’ passion for tasting and creating food that is unique and fresh developed from a young

13 Nov, 2014

Win two nights at Thala Beach!

By | November 13th, 2014|

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is one of Tropical North Queensland's finest eco rereats: win two free nights in a Eucalypt Bungalow! Here’s how to enter: Step 1 Follow us on Pinterest or Instagram. Then upload your photo to your account and hashtag #thalabeach OR Like us on Facebook.

28 Oct, 2014

Port Douglas in Top 10 Holiday Destinations

By | October 28th, 2014|

Port Douglas shines once again, bringing the international spotlight on Tropical North Queensland by being voted number four in the top 10 destinations in Australia. Port Douglas received top accolades in this year’s Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for best holiday destination. It comes as no real surprise

16 Oct, 2014

Gulf Route flights with Rex

By | October 16th, 2014|

Regional Express Airline (Rex) has announced they will be flying a new Cairns route as of 1 January 2015. Rex was awarded all five regulated routes that it applied for including the Gulf Route. Previously operated by Skytrans, Rex will fly the Gulf Route between Cairns and Normanton

07 Oct, 2014

Six top reasons to visit Port Douglas

By | October 7th, 2014|

Port Douglas is renowned for its vibrant tropical vibe tucked in behind the beachfront coconut palms. There are plenty of reasons to holiday here - it's no easy task to limit ourselves to just six good reasons to visit Port Douglas! Macrossan Street Port Douglas’ main street, Macrossan

22 Sep, 2014

Dugongs – nature’s smartest mammal!

By | September 22nd, 2014|

Known as the mermaid of the sea, dugongs (or manatees) are shy bashful creatures. The jury is still out on how or why dugongs were mistaken for mermaids, but stories abound of sailors sighting graceful half woman, half fish creatures as early as Christopher Columbus’s explorations during 1493.

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