The Great Barrier Reef is set to put on another amazing show shortly as the annual coral spawning takes place. The coral spawning usually occurs 4 to 6 nights after the full moon in November, placing it to occur on around the 15,16 and 17th of November 2011.

Coral Spawning The Great Barrier Reef Australia

Millions of coral on The Great Barrier Reef will release sperm and eggs into the water as part of the coral’s reproductive process. Eggs and sperm build up inside the coral polyps for months before the spawning but the coral needs to have a specific cue for them to be released simultaneously to increase the chances of survival. The full moon in November seems to be the trigger and coral spawning on The Great Barrier Reef generally occurs a few nights later.
Mass coral spawning on The Great Barrier Reef was first scientifically observed in 1981 and has continued to be the subject of international interest and research.

The coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef is best observed at night time and it can be arranged for guests at Thala Beach Lodge to witness this amazing natural phenomenon.