dave delaney poetTwenty five years’ in furniture removals saw David Delaney travel extensively throughout NSW and Queensland. Highways, dirt tracks, family, and mateship with both colleagues and war veterans shaped much of David’s experiences during this time.

However, it was after his retirement, back in 2006, that David reflected on these experiences and felt inspired to write poetry. Two published books and numerous poems later, and David is enjoying the poet’s life.

Here’s a poem he wrote about his experience at Thala.

A Far North Odyssey

On Queensland’s far north golden shore
amongst rainforests lush and green,
there lies a place you’ll yearn for more
where life’s relaxing and serene.

Across tall eucalypt and gums,
red ash and silver oak as well,
Above the tracks where curlews run,
you’ll view the distant ocean swell.

You’ll hear the kooka’s laughing call
Or catch a birdwing’s gentle flight
And watch sea eagles standing tall
while screeching at a pesky kite.

The local ospreys have a nest
atop a nearby power pole,
I know that you will be impressed
at how the parents play their role.

See climbing up a ghost gum tree
a monitor with its long tail.
Then like the Aborigine
you’ll view migrating humpback whale.

While sitting on the pristine beach
a pod of dolphins jump and play,
and turtles swim just out of reach
along the edge of this blue bay.

Ku Ku Yalanji people teach
the visitors of their old ways,
included is their native speech
and stories from the dreamtime days.

I’d like to recognise the staff
who always help you with a smile
and do things on their own behalf,
like going just that extra mile.

I know I haven’t covered all
the flora and the fauna there,
or sights and sounds that will enthral
embedding memories to share.

So where’s this gem in our far north?
it pleases me now to report,
and strongly urge you to go forth
to Thala Beach Lodge and Resort.