Located 110km north of Cairns within the Wet Tropics World Heritage area and Daintree National Park, where rainforest meets the tropical sea, Cape Tribulation contains a number of options for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Night Time Crocodile Spotting

Keen to see these ancient reptilian monsters in their natural habitat at night? Well you can through a number of organised tours which guide visitors through such an experience. Such tours take you down well known croc trails, where sets of beady eyes can be found at the end of your torch light. Groups have reported spotting a three metre crocodile murder a wild pig. Not for the faint of heart.

jungle surfing cape tribulation

Jungle Surfing

Want to see a lush, ancient rainforest in a unique and exhilarating fashion? Try jungle surfing. Here tours scoot you along the rainforest canopy on flying fox ziplines. You’ll stop at five different points when you’re not ‘surfing’, to spy immense treetops and cascades that plummet out towards the Great Barrier Reef. These fun, guided tours require no experience and run daily, seven days a week.

Daintree River Experience

Two hour cruises head down the sublime Daintree River, where up to 10 passengers can experience the river’s unique flora and fauna. Sunrise tours allow guests to experience the morning mist rise through the rainforest, while some of the region’s rare avian inhabitants engage in early morning chatter. The sunset cruise displays a completely different mood, although no less peaceful, and if you’re lucky you may get to see the resident crocodile ‘Fat Albert’.

swimming hole

Freshwater Swimming Holes

In and around Cape Tribulation, there are a number of clear rainforest swimming holes to explore. For tips on which ones and where, contact Thala Beach Lodge.


Bushwalkers here are literally inundated with options. Some of the shorter and more popular walks include the Myall Beach and Cape Tribulation Lookout walk, and the Dubuji Boardwalk trail, with both providing prime views of the rainforest environment. Some of the longer day walks include the Emmagen Beach and Creek walk, and the Mount Sorrow viewing point walk, which is certainly brighter than the name suggests.