Hang gliding in Port Douglas is an adventure that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you have ever wondered what flying like a bird is really like, then hang gliding during your visit to Port Douglas or taking a microlight flight could be just the experience for you.

Imagine the ground far below you as you are transported into the vast blue sky above. A new world opens up to you as you witness the cool blue of the Coral Sea, the vast rainforest and the awesome mountaintops. Hang gliding has got to be one of the most visually exciting things you can do anywhere in the world. This experience is an off the beaten track adventure you can have during your visit to Port Douglas.

hang gliding port douglas

If you do think you’re up to this exciting experience, Thala Beach Lodge can organise tours with local high flyers, Updraught Microlights and Hang Gliders in Port Douglas. They offer a wide range of flights and hang gliding for beginners to experienced pilots.

The popular alternative to hang gliding is to take a flight on a microlight plane. These small-engine craft are flown by experienced pilots and offer a unique way to view the region. Guests accompany qualified pilots in a tandem experience with these flights lasting anywhere from 35 minutes to 100 minutes of flying time.

For hang gliding, the options vary from 20 minutes of tandem flight time to 40 minutes. For all other tailor made options, you can contact the staff to make specific arrangements to suit you.

Whatever way you choose to fly, the view from above is world class. While hang gliding, expect to take in views from the Great Barrier Reef, the forest in and around the township of Port Douglas, the surrounding pristine rainforest of the Daintree and white sandy beaches.

The abundance of nature and wildlife is an extraordinary thing to witness while flying above land and water. You may be lucky enough to see crocodiles, dugongs, turtles, sharks, dolphins or giant rays. All from a safe distance!

One of the most popular experiences is to fly over the Daintree River on a tandem microlight flight. With this tour you will fly along the coastal beaches to the delta of the Daintree River then track north-east out into the Coral Sea to circumnavigate Snapper Island, returning back to the mainland and Ship Wreck Bay.

Other flights include a tandem microlight adventure over Cape Tribulation. Here you will wonder at the rugged beauty of the coastal mountains and take in the extraordinary ecology of this protected part of the world.

Microlight flights are scheduled for sunrise and sunset flights daily. Hang gliding tours also depart daily.