Indigenous cultural presentations at Thala

Visitors to Tropical North Queensland keen to learn about Indigenous people, their customs and cultures can learn about Kuku Yalanji culture with a complimentary presentation at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. Each Monday night Danny and Harold from the Kuku Yalanji people visit Curlews Lounge at Thala for an hour-long Cultural Presentation for inhouse guests.

Harold (who goes by the nickname of Mooks) talks about the importance of native plants, both for eating and for medicinal purposes and explains some of the traditions of his rainforest people. Danny talks about the significance of the didgeridoo and clapping sticks before sitting down to play the didgeridoo. Listening to the mesmerising sounds of the didgeridoo creates unforgettable moments for our guests while providing an insight into Australia’s original inhabitants.

Kuku Yalanji cultural presentation | Thala Beach Nature Reserve

Evenings with Kuku Yalanji people

Elders from our local aboriginal community come and share their stories as passed on from previous generations including the history of their ancient cultural traditions. You will enjoy seeing and learning the value of bush tucker food, the knowledge of which has been nurtured since the age of the hunter-gatherer.

–  Complimentary for inhouse guests
–  Cultural presentation including discussion on bush medicine food and cultural traditions
–  Didgeridoo demonstration
–  Display of traditional weapons and implements such as boomerang, woomera, spear & clapping sticks
–  Authentic music and cultural discussion
–  Opportunity to converse with Kuku Yalanji elders and ask questions about Indigenous customs

Kuku Yalanji cultural presentation | Thala Beach Nature Reserve

More Information

Held each Monday evening from 6pm in Curlews Lounge at Thala Beach Nature Reserve for inhouse guests.

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