Introducing Coco the joey

Visitors to Thala Beach Nature Reserve would be well acquainted with Apple the Wallaby who charmed all with her friendly nature and wild wallaby ways. With her recent passing after a short illness, her adorable joey Coco is being looked after by wildlife carer Jenna. A zoologist with experience both in terrestrial and marine environments, Jenna and her partner Dave operate Daintree Wonder Tours. They are passionate wildlife and nature lovers with a strong connection to the natural world. Both Jenna and Dave have a strong desire to protect our unique north Queensland environment. Apple’s young joey couldn’t be in better hands.

Wallaby joey, Thala Beach Nature Reserve, Port Douglas Queensland Australia

Jenna reports that the young male joey is doing really well and has responded positively to around-the-clock care. He has put on weight, is feeding and shows all the right signs. The joey accompanies Jenna wherever she goes and apparently quite enjoys a scratch under the chin!

The young joey will be released into the wild when the time is right for him to make his own way within his mob. We wish him all the best, knowing that he comes from good stock! In the meantime, the winner of Thala’s Name the Joey competition was announced on Friday 25 November.
UPDATE: Kathy Mitchell is the winner of the Name the Joey competition, nominating the name Coco.
Kathy said: “I’d like this gorgeous joey’s name to be Coco after all the beautiful coconut trees at Thala which we remember from our honeymoon there.”


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