With the house firmly established after undergoing recent renovations and decorations, the young family continues to grow. It is thought by some that extensions may be necessary to cater for this growing brood, but one thing is clear, the family love their home  – and the neighbourhood.

The neighbours equally appreciate these long-term residents. The famed, local restaurant has been named after them and a magnificent, large portrait – possibly of an ancestor – adorns the walls of the reception area.

baby ospreys

We are of course, referring to the family of Ospreys, long-term inhabitants of Thala Beach Lodge and proud parents – for yet another year – of newly hatched Osprey chicks.

These mighty birds of prey are also known as sea hawks or fish eagles, and they are pretty fussy creatures when it comes to choosing where to set up home for their young ones.

Osprey’s live on a diet of fish, so a sea view and living close to water is a must. Daily fishing trips to the clear, abundant waters of the Coral Sea and back home to feed the family in their sheltered nests at Thala makes for ideal Osprey family life.

The scale of these regal birds-of-prey is evident by their massive, awe-inspiring wingspan – commonly up to 180cm in width and a body length that often reaches 60cm in length. The colouring is brown on the upperparts and predominantly greyish on the head and underparts, with a distinctive, noble, black eye patch.

Guests hoping to witness the Ospreys in action can be guided by the expert Thala staff who have all grown to love the sea hawks that call Thala home. They’ll happily point out the Osprey home and guide guests how to best view the Ospreys as they go about their daily routine of feeding and raising a growing family of the feathered variety.