Whale Migration and Breeding

By admin| June 19, 2012|

During autumn in Antarctica, when ice forms on the sea surface and the air takes on a palpable chill, a great whale migration occurs, as these prodigious marine mammals head north towards the world’s more tropical waters. Each year, around 2,000 Humpback Whales make the annual migration towards Cairns, where they mate and give birth in warmer, more nurturing waters. These rather acrobatic creatures are also the fifth largest animal in the world, and if you're lucky, they can be

Dwarf Minke Whale Story

By admin| August 30, 2010|

Rob Prettejohn made an appearance in a story on Seven's Sunday Night Television show on 29th August 2010. We couldn't resist posting the segment here - An amazing story of Dwarf Minke Whales on The Great Barrier Reef. - check it out (apologies for the initial advertisement!)

A Dwarf Minke Whale of a Time….

By admin| August 25, 2010|

In June,  I was contacted by Dale Paget, who introduced himself as a producer for the television program “Sunday Night” on The Seven Network. Dale’s research for a program into Dwarf Minke Whales had led to this telephone conversation. He asked about an amazing underwater incident I was fortunate to have had in August 1981. A pod of whales swam up to me in deep water and repeatedly engaged in a series of gentle friendly encounters. I still

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