Cairns Birdwing Butterfly

By admin| November 16, 2012|

The largest endemic butterfly in Australia, the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly has a wingspan of up to 18cm. Besides its proportional, pterodactyl-like reach, other conspicuous traits include its vivid colouration, particularly in the male, who’s wings contain vibrant splashes of emerald green. Found in north-eastern Australia, from Mackay to Cooktown, the Cairns Birdwing Butterfly’s favourite habitat is primary rainforest. However it will also subsist and breed within an urban garden given it contains the right variety of plants. About this, the

Spectacled Flying Fox

By admin| August 10, 2012|

For a creature with straw coloured rings of fur around its eyes, that soars amongst the rainforest canopy with the slick face and snout of a fox, it’s not hard to see why it was named the Spectacled Flying Fox. Restricted to the north-east regions of Queensland, as well as Papua New Guinea and its islands of Woodlark, Alcester, Kiriwina and Halmahera, the Spectacled Flying Fox spends the majority of its time in the upper canopy of rainforests. However, unlike

Lace Monitor

By admin| August 7, 2012|

Armed with a prodigious head, camouflaged skin and sharp tree climbing skills, the lace monitor is a sturdy forager and a tenacious opportunist. Besides raiding the odd garbage bin when the going gets tough, this stealth-like lizard is known to launch aggressively into birds nests for a raw egg feast. Found all the way from north-east Queensland to the bottom of South Australia, the lace monitor is the second largest monitor lizard in Australia. Its long tail and bulky head

The Australian Dingo

By admin| September 6, 2010|

The Australian Dingo is Australia’s native dog. They are thought to have originally appeared in Asia over 10000 years ago as a descendant of one of man’s first attempts to tame the wolf. The arrival of the dingo in Australia is estimated at being approximately 5000 years ago. Cattle Farmers in Australia managed to mate Dingos with the weaker English dogs in the 1800s giving rise to the tougher Australian Cattle Dog breeds. The modern Australian Cattle Dog is typically

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