Gulf Route flights with Rex

By Fiona Harper| October 16, 2014|

Regional Express Airline (Rex) has announced they will be flying a new Cairns route as of 1 January 2015. Rex was awarded all five regulated routes that it applied for including the Gulf Route. Previously operated by Skytrans, Rex will fly the Gulf Route between Cairns and Normanton to Gununa (Mornington Island) to Burketown to Doomadgee to Mount Isa and return. North Queensland benefits from accessibility, though it's very disappointing to see local carrier Skytrans lose routes. Skytrans has bases

The Rise of the High-End Eco Traveller: Seeking Experience over Luxury

By admin| February 18, 2014|

There is a new demographic of high-end travellers that aren’t looking for luxury - they're looking for eco experiences without sacrificing comfort. TripAdvisor reported in 2013 that 79 per cent of their members plan to make more eco-friendly choices in the next 12 months compared to 71 per cent the previous year. And according to Luxury Travel UK, in the coming years we will see more hotels facilitating increasingly engaging and memorable guest participatory eco-experiences. Thala Beach Lodge is a

Thala plays part in Guinness World Record

By proof| February 17, 2011|

In December 2010 a couple earned a Guinness World Record after renewing their wedding vows 85 times. The record previously stood at 83 vows. Mark and Denise Duffield-Thomas’s record breaking trip took them across 10 countries over 4 continents with the final leg of their journey passing through North Queensland. We were proud to be part of this record-breaking achievement when Mark and Denise Duffield-Thomas had a Castaway-themed cliff top wedding at Thala Beach lodge. Congratulations Mark + Denise!

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