Resort owners, Rob and Oonagh Prettejohn showed amazing foresight when they planted 700 coconut trees over three decades ago at beautiful Thala Beach Lodge, near Port Douglas. In fact Thala likes to wave the coconut flag whenever possible. All things coconut are embraced in the resort’s operation, from food and beverage through to the on-site experiences and wedding decoration.

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The resort’s most popular drink is the ‘Coconut Hit’, a secret blend of fresh coconut and liqueurs served in a fresh coconut. One guest describing it as “a delicious combination of health and indulgence, a bit like Thala itself.” Coconuts are also featured in the signature dishes at Thala’s restaurant Ospreys and the famous Coconut Odyssey tour is the only coconut tour in Australia, a must-do complimentary activity for guests.

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While it can seem like the world has gone nuts over the humble coconut, it is only in the last few years that the full extent of health and beauty benefits of the coconut have been fully appreciated and made known to the wider public. Health and beauty writers wax lyrical about the growing number of uses that coconuts can claim.

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The proven health benefits of coconut oil include a reduced risk of heart disease, a therapeutic effect on several brain disorders and an appetite suppressant and fat burner in one. Applied to the skin and hair, coconut oil is an effective skin moisturiser, a mild sunscreen and a natural conditioner for the hair, while coconut water is nature’s most effective and sterile hydrator known on the planet.

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Thala’s nature specialist, Brett Kelly, oversees the resort’s flourishing coconut plantation. Calling coconuts the “elixir of life”, Brett credits a coconut rich diet for his extraordinary health and vigour. “Right now there’s an abundance of beautiful fresh young coconuts at Thala Beach Lodge, as there is every spring”.

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That’s news Thala’s Coconut Odyssey tour guide Carl Johanson likes to hear. Leaving no coconut unturned, Carl was once voted as one of Australia’s most eccentric tour guides. Passionate health freak or a genuine coco-nut, Carl loves to share his vast knowledge about the “miracle food” of coconuts to Thala guests while imparting valuable, life changing information that guests can take home with them.

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