Thala’s Beauty Within Health Spa has the following treatments available:

Health Spa

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Signature Massage

Choose from a range of massage therapy techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or Reflexology or ask your Therapist to customise your massage treatment with a stress-busting combination of any or all of these techniques

60 min Massage $ 140.00
90 min Massage $ 220.00


Aroma Journey Massage

Unwind during a sensory balancing massage experience with your choice of Aromatherapy blends infused with essential oils. Re-awaken your senses, reconnect with nature and restore your health.

Calm Mind Massage – Quiet the mind and soothe body and spirit! Temples and scalp are massaged with Calm Mind Oil, a restorative blend of peppermint and lavender created to help relieve headache tension and stress. Lavender Body Oil is used to achieve an overall feeling of bliss as we customise your massage with a combination of techniques.

Mother-to-Be Harmony Massage – Designed to address the special needs of the mother-to-be, we combine tried and tested safe pregnancy massage techniques with a Chinese geranium-infused oil that promotes feminine energy and has a harmonising effect on women. Helps to relieve tension in your lower and upper back and alleviate swelling in the hands and feet

60 min Massage $ 150.00
90 min Massage $ 235.00


Body Massage Treatment

Designed to exfoliate whilst delivering vital vitamins and nutrients to the skin – Unwind with a full environ body massage treatment- using body exfoliating gloves , gently removing and rejuvenate new skin cells, finishing with a relaxation massage for the mind body and soul

75 min $ 220.00

Body Exfoliation

This essential step re-mineralises the skin and replenishes lost moisture to the proper level of hydration – rejuvenating the skin and body to relieve the look and feel of fatigue. Mineralising exfoliation oxygenates tissues, increase circulation and restores the proper level of minerals and trace elements that regulate the metabolic functions and increase the skin’s ability to assimilate and retain nutrients. Prepares the skin for an even sun tan with higher level of immunity against the sun’s damaging rays

60 min Body Exfoliation $ 190.00

Body Wrap

This essential body wrap is a special re-balancing Recuperation treatment to mineralise, hydrate and nourish the body, it is the perfect wrap to prepare the body for the change of season or revive it after a period of intense stress, illness or fatigue

60 min Body Wrap $ 190.00

Environ Facial

The Environ Facial is the Essential step for maintenance for healthy skin – Pre cleanse, cleanse, exfoliation, massage, hydrating mask, eye gel, moisturise. This facial is the essential step to infuse the skin with moisture for a healthy skin

60 min Environ Facial $ 160.00
90 min Environ Facial $ 250.00

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