Thala Beach Nature Reserve – Complimentary tours

Thala’s Nature Reserve supports many interesting and rare habitats with a constantly changing kaleidoscope of natural wonders, making the experience very rewarding for naturalists and wildlife photographers.

Our highly knowledgeable Rangers and Guides are here to show you Thala’s many wildlife and nature secrets.

A small sample of the natural wonders in Thala’s private Nature Reserve:


olive backed sunbird
  • The forests are filled with every conceivable shade of green.
  • Seasonal mass migration of Pied Imperial Pigeons.
  • Needletails & fork-tailed Swifts ride the air currents around the headland.
  • The synchronized courtship flights of iridescent male & female Cairns Birdwing butterflies.
  • Forest trees laden with fruit attract the beautiful Rose-crowned fruit Doves.
  • Thala has one of the world’s largest bird nests.
  • Our varied forests support a range of Honeyeater species.
  • Home to Australia’s smallest and endearing parrot, the Macleay’s figparrot.
  • Watch our (seasonal) resident Ospreys catching fish and raising their family.
  • The flute-like calls of Black Butcherbirds resonate through the trees.
  • Olive-backed Sunbirds nest building with cobwebs and bark.
  • Amazing camouflage of our Papuan Frogmouths.
  • Families of Lovely Fairy-wrens move through the undergrowth.
  • Lace monitor lizards.
  • Agile wallabies and joeys feeding on new shoots.
  • Large-billed Gerygones are always busy nearby.

At night:

  • Cicadas at dusk heralding nightfall
  • Haunting calls of nocturnal birds
  • Sugar gliders float from tree to tree
  • Striped possums
  • Spectacled Flying foxes feeding on forest fruits and flowers
  • Choirs of tree frogs sing in unison on tropical rainy nights


Complimentary tours, walks and presentations for Thala’s guests

Note: additional charge applies for pre-booked sea kayak tours

Nature and Garden Walks

You will be guided through 145 acres of a variety of native flora by Brett and his enthusiastic team. They delight in sharing their extensive knowledge and passion for the environment.Amongst rare Littoral rainforest clinging to the sandy dunes and the soft shade of eucalypts you will enjoy the scamper of native fauna.We have so many exciting plants and animals at Thala. (free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)

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Guided Bird Walk - Umbrella Plant

Bird & Butterfly Walks

David is our bird and butterfly expert and you will be thrilled at the colour and variety of the species to be found at Thala. An early start to hear the first chorus of Thala’s birds in full song is a wonderful way to welcome a new day.We also have local experts who can take you for full day birding expeditions through a wide variety of habitats. Pick up a Bird Sighting Calendar from the Adventure desk and see if you can add to the extensive number of varieties spotted so far.

(free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)

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Coconut Tour

Coconut Odyssey

On Australia’s only coconut tour, not only do you get to drink & eat from the very young green coconut to the little known ‘Coconut Apple’ – you will also learn the truth about the health benefits of coconuts.The ‘Tree Of Life’ has astonishing advantages from helping to reducing body fat and lowering cholesterol, to building the immune system. A tour that helps you lose weight without exercising?!

(free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)

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Star Gazing

Star Gazing

The Thala night sky is free from light pollution and filled with millions of stars. Surrounded by sounds of the rainforest & ocean – enjoy an introduction to the beautiful Southern Constellations from an experienced & passionate guide. View many fascinating stars & planets using telescopes and binoculars at the unique outdoor observatory.(free for houseguests, nights of operation varies week-to-week)


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Sea Kayaking

Sea kayak tours from Thala Beach

To glide low on the water in a kayak is a magical experience. Keeping watch for marine life unperturbed by your silent passage. As you gaze at the lushness of rainforest clad mountains, life becomes timeless and takes on a whole new perspective.Our expert guide will take you in kayaks to his secret places to look for marine turtles, stingrays, dolphins and dugongs. (advance bookings required, charges apply)

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Local Specialists

Indigenous presentation by Kuku Yalangi people

Elders from our local aboriginal community, the Kuku Yalangi people, come and share their stories as passed on from previous generations including the history of their ancient cultural traditions. You will enjoy seeing and learning the value of bush tucker food, the knowledge of which has been nurtured since the age of the hunter-gatherer.The haunting rhythms of the traditional Didgeridoo is being incorporated into many forms of contemporary music, here it will take you back to the beginnings of the aboriginal Dreamtime.

(free for houseguests, day of operation varies week-to-week)

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