Turtle spotting from Sea Kayaks along Thala’s secluded coast.

Port Douglas resort Sea Kayaking
To glide low on the water in a kayak is a magical experience. Keeping watch for marine life unperturbed by your silent passage. As you gaze at the lushness of rainforest clad mountains, life becomes timeless and takes on a whole new perspective. Our expert guide will take you in kayaks to his secret places to look for marine turtles, stingrays, dolphins and dugongs.

On a clear day, you can look down into the magical waters to glimpse the rich marine environment of corals, urchins, molluscs, rays and brightly coloured coral-fish.

Green turtles are common in our northern bay and frequently approach the kayaks without undue concern. A head appearing above the surface followed by an unexpected whoosh of exhaled air may even startle you.

(Please note: Advance bookings are required, charges apply)