Recipe from Osprey’s Restaurant

By Fiona Harper| December 10, 2014|

Head Chef at Osprey's Restaurant Luukas Trautner has been kind enough to share some of his favourite recipes on the menu at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. A delicious combination of banana prawns, coconut and mango features as a special entree on our weekend lunch menu. Weekends are extremely popular at Osprey's Port Douglas, so we suggest you book early! "Local banana prawns spiced with chilli and garlic served in a plantation coconut with home made mango dipping sauce from our

Coconut Benefits

By admin| April 20, 2012|

Found across the tropics and subtropics in many parts of the world, coconuts are a main source of sustenance for many cultures, and in Australia the coconut benefits are numerous. Here they can be found in the country’s top end, where their milk, oil and skins are increasingly put to good use. However, all this information and more can be discovered on Australia’s only coconut tour, at Thala Beach Lodge in Port Douglas. Named the ‘Coconut Odyssey Tour’, resident coconut

Guests cocooned at Thala Beach Lodge

By proof| January 7, 2011|

Many guests cocooned at 5 star Thala Beach Lodge reportedly are enjoying the experience too much to leave! Michelle Behsman, the resort’s sales and marketing manager, said the most noticeable trend in 2010 was guests choosing to spend much of their time at the resort in order to experience the nature tours and activities within the resort’s healthy natural environment. “Thala is effectively an 145 acre private sanctuary where wildlife specialists offer interpretive eco-tourism,” she said. “We do have guests

Coconut Chocolate

By admin| January 29, 2010|

Now that I have your attention we’ll get to the chocolate in a moment. Many people believe coconuts are bad because they contain saturated fat, personally I’ll never believe saturated fat is bad for anyone but that makes for another blog. The saturated fat in coconuts is unique in that it contains medium chain fatty acids, ( MCFA’S) making it very easily digested travelling through the portal vein into the liver, thus converting to energy & speeding up

Young Green Coconuts

By admin| December 2, 2009|

Young green coconuts contain a liquid that’s often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk comes from the flesh, unlike the water which is the endosperm. Young green coconut water is the most sterile liquid in nature. It has been proven to have the same electrolyte balance as the blood passing through our veins, which would be why during the First & Second World Wars it was intravenously fed to patients when glucose & plasma supplies were low. Being

Coconuts are a hit with Carl!

By admin| November 30, 2009|

Carl Johanson is our resident Coconut guru + his Coconut Odyssey tour is proving to be a hit! There are many amazing benefits and myths surrounding Coconuts and Carl is on a mission to convert the world to Coconuts! A huge hit with guests, Carl has been included in NineMSN's Australia's most eccentric Tour Guides. Carl shared some of his thoughts over a cooling Coconut... Q. Where do coconuts come from… A. Different cultures have claimed ownership of

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