Spring – one of the best times to visit Tropical North QLD

By Fiona Harper| September 9, 2014|

Cynics would say that there are only two seasons in the tropics: wet and dry. But they’d be SO wrong. While winter is absolutely delightful in Tropical North Queensland, spring is even better. With a little more cloud cover starting to appear, the sunsets become spectacular, lighting up the tropical sky at dusk in a blaze of oranges, pinks and purples. Wildlife seem to enjoy spring too! Whales linger in the warm water before returning south to the Southern Ocean.

Cairns Adventure Festival 2012

By admin| May 11, 2012|

Running from the 27th May to the 4th of June 2012, the Cairns Adventure Festival 2012 will feature outdoor concerts and fun events geared towards getting people involved in the lively atmosphere. However, the heart of the festival focuses on a number of triathlons, from family and children’s events to the all out slog. This year, half-day and full-day ironman events, which are typically run in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Austria and New Zealand, and are set

Go Troppo Arts Festival Port Douglas

By admin| September 25, 2009|

Port Douglas, despite extensive development over the years, has always maintained a community rich in creativity. From the creator of exquisite shell jewelry who played a significant roll in the culture, and history of the community - to actress and author Diane Cilento, who adopted the town while it was still no more than a sleepy village. Diane has since developed the renowned Karnak theatre on her Rainforest property where the beautiful and talented flautist, Jane Rutter, has performed hanging,

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