Dwarf Minke Whale Story

By admin| August 30, 2010|

Rob Prettejohn made an appearance in a story on Seven's Sunday Night Television show on 29th August 2010. We couldn't resist posting the segment here - An amazing story of Dwarf Minke Whales on The Great Barrier Reef. - check it out (apologies for the initial advertisement!)

A Dwarf Minke Whale of a Time….

By admin| August 25, 2010|

In June,  I was contacted by Dale Paget, who introduced himself as a producer for the television program “Sunday Night” on The Seven Network. Dale’s research for a program into Dwarf Minke Whales had led to this telephone conversation. He asked about an amazing underwater incident I was fortunate to have had in August 1981. A pod of whales swam up to me in deep water and repeatedly engaged in a series of gentle friendly encounters. I still

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