Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef Australia

By admin| June 13, 2016|

Australia is home to the world's biggest living structure. Running almost the whole length of Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from space. Made of  thousands of small reefs, islets, atolls and islands, the Great Barrier Reef starts near Bundaberg in the south and continues north of Cape York into the Torres Strait in the north. That's a total distance of 2,600 km. Or, to put it in perspective on a global scale, it's about the same distance

Green Ants of Australia & why they’re busy little rainforest builders

By admin| May 29, 2016|

Green tree ants are essential builders in the rainforest. They're like the worker bees of the ant world. The native forest of Thala Beach Nature Reserve is a thriving habitat for these insects. If you thought life was busy,  you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a green ants nest in full defense mode! They clamber all over the tree containing their nest and protect it from invaders with a fervour and ferocity only to be attributed to the Mongul

Top tips from a tropical Wedding Coordinator

By Fiona Harper| January 13, 2015|

Thinking about a Port Douglas wedding? Or a Queensland beach wedding? Deciding on the location of your wedding can be as daunting as organising the big day itself. However the right location will not only add unique flavour to your wedding, it can take the stress out of aspects such as the ceremony and decor, allowing you to focus on what’s most important - the two of you. Thala Beach Nature Reserve’s wedding coordinator Diana Ealdon is one of the

Recipe from Osprey’s Restaurant

By Fiona Harper| December 10, 2014|

Head Chef at Osprey's Restaurant Luukas Trautner has been kind enough to share some of his favourite recipes on the menu at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. A delicious combination of banana prawns, coconut and mango features as a special entree on our weekend lunch menu. Weekends are extremely popular at Osprey's Port Douglas, so we suggest you book early! "Local banana prawns spiced with chilli and garlic served in a plantation coconut with home made mango dipping sauce from our

Q & A with Head Chef Luukas Trautner

By Fiona Harper| December 2, 2014|

Recently appointed as Head Chef at Osprey’s Restaurant overlooking the Coral Sea, Luukas Trautner feels right at home in Tropical North Queensland. Born and raised in the island paradise of the Seychelles, Luukas’ passion for tasting and creating food that is unique and fresh developed from a young age. Graduating from his apprenticeship in Amberg Germany clutching a prestigious Young Chef award, Luukas was soon propelled into the elite kitchens of Europe’s finest restaurants. The Michelin Red Guide has set

Win two nights at Thala Beach!

By Fiona Harper| November 13, 2014|

Thala Beach Nature Reserve is one of Tropical North Queensland's finest eco rereats: win two free nights in a Eucalypt Bungalow! Here’s how to enter: Step 1 Follow us on Pinterest or Instagram. Then upload your photo to your account and hashtag #thalabeach OR Like us on Facebook. Then post your photo to your profile, hashtag #thalabeach and tag us @Thala Beach Lodge Step 2 Email your contact details and photo to [email protected] The competition closes on 28/2/2015 … Good

Port Douglas in Top 10 Holiday Destinations

By Fiona Harper| October 28, 2014|

Port Douglas shines once again, bringing the international spotlight on Tropical North Queensland by being voted number four in the top 10 destinations in Australia. Port Douglas received top accolades in this year’s Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for best holiday destination. It comes as no real surprise to those of us who live and breathe the fresh air of Port Douglas daily. We know how special this place is: travellers have cottoned on! One of Thala's recent guests posted

Six top reasons to visit Port Douglas

By Fiona Harper| October 7, 2014|

Port Douglas is renowned for its vibrant tropical vibe tucked in behind the beachfront coconut palms. There are plenty of reasons to holiday here - it's no easy task to limit ourselves to just six good reasons to visit Port Douglas! Macrossan Street Port Douglas’ main street, Macrossan Street is the hub of this tropical village. With the Coral Sea at one end of the street and Dickson Inlet at the other, cool breezes waft through town creating a tropical

Dugongs – nature’s smartest mammal!

By Fiona Harper| September 22, 2014|

Known as the mermaid of the sea, dugongs (or manatees) are shy bashful creatures. The jury is still out on how or why dugongs were mistaken for mermaids, but stories abound of sailors sighting graceful half woman, half fish creatures as early as Christopher Columbus’s explorations during 1493. Perhaps the combination of lonely sailors and rum consumed on extended sea voyages gets closer to the truth. Using their tail fluke for propulsion, their rotund bodies make them appear sluggish yet

Spring – one of the best times to visit Tropical North QLD

By Fiona Harper| September 9, 2014|

Cynics would say that there are only two seasons in the tropics: wet and dry. But they’d be SO wrong. While winter is absolutely delightful in Tropical North Queensland, spring is even better. With a little more cloud cover starting to appear, the sunsets become spectacular, lighting up the tropical sky at dusk in a blaze of oranges, pinks and purples. Wildlife seem to enjoy spring too! Whales linger in the warm water before returning south to the Southern Ocean.

TAFE tourism students visit Thala Beach Nature Reserve

By Fiona Harper| September 3, 2014|

Fifteen Travel and Tourism students from TAFE QLD visited Thala Beach Nature Reserve. Read full story in the Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette Aug 2014

Dolphins and Whales sighted by Thala Beach Nature Reserve guests

By Fiona Harper| August 26, 2014|

It’s humpback whale season in Tropical North Queensland with humpbacks recently spotted by guests staying at Thala Beach Nature Reserve. Venturing north on their annual holidays (actually they migrate north to breed and give birth, but we like to think they’re on holidays too!) to the warm water playground of Tropical North Queensland, humpbacks leave Antarctic waters around June. Cruising the Great Barrier Reef, often with young calves in tow, the annual migration provides spectacular wildlife viewing opportunities. Growing up

The Great Barrier Reef Australia – Coral Research

By proof| February 10, 2011|

Recent flooding in South East Queensland and the recent cyclone Yasi means weather in Australia is a hot topic at the moment. Mother nature is a powerful and mystical force. The Great Barrier Reef Australia is constantly being probed for its secrets and limitless wonders with recent research showing that coral can unlock a history of rainfall in North Queensland that predates recordings from modern instruments. By examining coral cores on the Great Barrier Reef The Australian Institute of Marine

Cassowary Identification Project Mission Beach Australia

By proof| November 25, 2010|

Liz Gallie is urging people to take photographs and document sightings of Cassowaries around Mission Beach for The Cassowary Identification Program. Ms Gallie started to take records and compare photos of Cassowaries around the Mission Beach, Australia, area approximately 2 years. Ms Gallie says a lot of people think there are many birds when they are actually seeing the same ones. She is hoping that through the Cassowary Identification Project a better idea of the numbers of Cassowaries in the

Permaculture Convergence Australia

By admin| October 18, 2010|

The 10th Australasian Permaculture Convergence happened in Kuranda, North Queensland Australia on the 24th – 27th September 2010. Special guest speaker Daryl Hannah was in attendance as a special keynote speaker along with the co-founder of Permaculture, Bill Mollison. Some other Permaculture enthusiasts in attendance included Major General Michael Jeffrey (former Governor General of Australia), Costa Georgiadis (from Costa's Gardening Odyssey), Josh Byrne (from ABC's Gardening Australia) and Ned RocknRoll (nephew of Sir Richard Branson). In a nutshell - Permaculture

The Australian Dingo

By admin| September 6, 2010|

The Australian Dingo is Australia’s native dog. They are thought to have originally appeared in Asia over 10000 years ago as a descendant of one of man’s first attempts to tame the wolf. The arrival of the dingo in Australia is estimated at being approximately 5000 years ago. Cattle Farmers in Australia managed to mate Dingos with the weaker English dogs in the 1800s giving rise to the tougher Australian Cattle Dog breeds. The modern Australian Cattle Dog is typically

Brachychiton Megaphyllus

By admin| December 9, 2009|

Brachychiton Megaphyllus is related to the flame tree and very rare to Queensland. It's a small tree with has large stiff leaves, normally found in the Northern Territory. It has taken us by surprise in that a Casuarina seed must have blown into the seed pot and germinated after the Brachychiton was planted. From the photograph one notes that the Casuarina dwarfs the Brachychiton which at aprox. 21cm tall is flowering with a beautiful array of red/orange blossom. If anybody

Ray Crooke Painting Australia

By admin| November 12, 2009|

A painting at Thala has caused many questions as to its meaning. History writes that G.E Dalrymple was the first white man to land on the shores at Kewarra Beach, Tropical North Queensland, Australia. However this painting by Ray Crooke tells a different story. At the beginning of September 1873, G. Elphinstone Dalrymple received orders from the Colonial Secretary to take command of The Queensland North East Coast Expedition; the purpose of which was to explore the unknown

Cedar Bay Cherry

By admin| October 29, 2009|

A walk through the lush native forests surrounding Thala Beach Lodge at this time of year will yield visitors a view of the Cedar Bay Cherry fruiting. This unique rainforest fruit tree bears bright red bulbous fruit that when ripe is deliciously sweet. It is historically known as a great source of 'bush tucker', and is also a favorite of nectar-loving native birds. Belonging to the Lilly Pilly family, the Cedar Bay Cherry grows in dry or lush

Dugong spotted at Thala

By admin| October 22, 2009|

Thala Beach Lodge was host to a rare and beautiful visitor this week; a dugong, or 'sea cow' as they are sometimes called. The rare sea mammal was spotted by a lucky group of guests as they took guided nature walk through the forest and beaches around Thala Beach Lodge. The dugong was spotted just off Pebbly Beach where sea grass, a primary source of food for the dugong, grows. The name sea cow comes from the dugong's

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