Total Solar Eclipse 2012

By admin| July 6, 2012|

A phenomenon that can only occur during a new moon, when the sun and moon are in conjunct with the earth, a total solar eclipse is a rare and spectacular event that was last seen in Australia in 2002. Now the time has come again, as on November 14 at 6:39am, the great cosmic shadow of solar eclipse 2012 will descend upon Australia, targeting the top of Cape York before similarly casting Cairns and Port Douglas into morning obscurity. In

Total Solar Eclipse Australia 2012

By admin| August 12, 2009|

A total solar eclipse will be visible at Thala Beach Lodge (on the coast between Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia) at approx 20:39 UT ( 6:39 am local time) on the 14th November 2012. This exciting event occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. If the moon's shadow falls on the earth at that time and you are located in the 'path of totality' a total solar eclipse is visible. The path of totality is normally

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