Great Barrier Reef Accommodation and Experiences Australia

October 2010

One of the main drawcards for visitors to Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia is The Great Barrier Reef. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, lazy resort holida… More…

Mistletoe Bird Australia

October 2010

Fabulous image of a male Mistletoebird photographed at Thala by one of our guests James Lacy at the end of August 2010.  This bird is found all over Australi… More…

Permaculture Convergence Australia

October 2010

The 10th Australasian Permaculture Convergence happened in Kuranda, North Queensland Australia on the 24th – 27th September 2010.
Special guest spea… More…

Tropical Writers Festival Cairns 2010

October 2010

The Tropical Writers Festival is on this weekend in Cairns from the 15th – 17th October 2010!
Featuring Guest Speaker James Phelan , a literary dinne… More…

Yellow Bellied Sunbird at Thala

October 2010

Footage of our friendly little Yellow Bellied Sunbird working hard! Apologies for the breaks – however was unavoidable – she was off collect… More…

Advanced Ecotourism Certification

September 2010

Only a handful of luxury accommodation experiences in Australia have carefully crafted their natural balance to a level that deserves the ‘Advanced Ec… More…

Coral Trout Australia

September 2010

A common and special sight on the Great Barrier Reef is the Coral Trout. Coral Trout are targeted by the fishing industry because they are a good eating fish a… More…

Exclusive Bookings and Events at Thala Port Douglas

September 2010

Thala has exclusive booking options for certain guests, events or larger groups wanting complete freedom and privacy on the entire 145 acre peninsular ju… More…

The Australian Dingo

September 2010

The Australian Dingo is Australia’s native dog. They are thought to have originally appeared in Asia over 10000 years ago as a descendant of one of man’… More…

Dwarf Minke Whale Story

August 2010

Rob Prettejohn made an appearance in a story on Seven’s Sunday Night Television show on 29th August 2010. We couldn’t resist posting the segm… More…

Osprey Nest at Thala

August 2010

During a recent bout of googling in the dark hours of the morning I came across an excerpt from ‘the Emu’ 1912, April addition. Page 261 to be precise. It r… More…

A Dwarf Minke Whale of a Time….

August 2010

In June,  I was contacted by Dale Paget, who introduced himself as a producer for the television program “Sunday Night” on The Seven Network.
Dale’… More…

Our new website has been launched!

August 2010

We’re excited to announce Thala’s new and improved website is now online!
Our new site incorporates our blog + a heap of new images from The Gre… More…

Official opening of the new bird hide!

April 2010

Amongst peaceful doves and under the watchful eye of the resident nesting pair of Osprey, David Anderson and the team at Thala officially launched the newe… More…

Coconut Chocolate

January 2010

Now that I have your attention we’ll get to the chocolate in a moment.
Many people believe coconuts are bad because they contain saturated fat, personall… More…

Papuan Frogmouth

December 2009

It’s a pitch black night here at Thala. A strange repetitive sound ‘zoop zoop zoop zoop’ softly resonates through the rainforest. It is hard to tell w… More…

Flame Tree Photos

December 2009

The Flame Tree – Brachychiton acerifolius is in full flower at Thala and native to the East Coast of Australia.
The Flame Tree holds a commanding stature w… More…

Brachychiton Megaphyllus

December 2009

Brachychiton Megaphyllus is related to the flame tree and very rare to Queensland. It’s a small tree with has large stiff leaves, normally found in t… More…

Young Green Coconuts

December 2009

Young green coconuts contain a liquid that’s often confused with coconut milk. Coconut milk comes from the flesh, unlike the water which is the endosper… More…

Coconuts are a hit with Carl!

November 2009

Carl Johanson is our resident Coconut guru + his Coconut Odyssey tour is proving to be a hit! There are many amazing benefits and myths surrounding Coconuts… More…

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