Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours
May 2012

Great Barrier Reef Helicopter Tours

Of all the ways to see Australia’s remarkable Great Barrier Reef, possibly the best way to get an overall perspective of this enormous living organism is… More...

Port Douglas Restaurant Ospreys
April 2012

Port Douglas Restaurant Ospreys

A variety of fresh, seasonal produce in a tropical setting, with expansive views of The Coral Sea, where you could see whales, dugongs and turtles while you… More...

Catlin Seaview Survey
April 2012

Catlin Seaview Survey

A new state-of-the-art project is underway that will show the Great Barrier Reef in a way never seen before. Titled the Catlin Seaview Survey, the project i… More...

Coconut Tour
April 2012

Coconut Benefits

Found across the tropics and subtropics in many parts of the world, coconuts are a main source of sustenance for many cultures, and in Australia the coconut… More...

Beach Wedding Thala
April 2012

Beach Wedding at Thala

Wanting to make your memorable day that extra bit special, by throwing something unique, stunning and undeniably romantic into the occasion? Why not have… More...

The Great Barrier Reef Documentary
April 2012

Great Barrier Reef Documentary

The world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, the planet’s largest living organism, is a truly remarkable site to behold. Such an impressive subject is… More...

Mossman Gorge Australia
April 2012

Mossman Gorge

Dense, lowland rainforest and cool streams surrounded by a precipitous mountain range characterise much of what is known as Mossman Gorge, located rough… More...

Birdwatching Australia
April 2012

Birdwatching at Thala

Situated amidst two world heritage areas, the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef, Thala Beach Lodge in Port Douglas attracts an array of bird l… More...

Manta Ray Australia
March 2012

Manta Ray

Often described as a gentle giant of the sea, the manta ray commonly inhabits areas between southern NSW and the tip of Cape York, as well as Ningaloo Reef off… More...

Tqual Accreditation
March 2012

Thala receives T-Qual Accreditation

T-Qual Accreditation has been awarded to Thala Beach Lodge, located between Cairns and Port Douglas, Australia. T-QUAL Accreditation is the Australian… More...

Port Douglas Accommodation
February 2012

Port Douglas Accommodation

When researching Port Douglas accommodation there are a few key factors to consider and Thala Beach Lodge ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re looking fo… More...

Coral Spawning Great Barrier Reef
November 2011

Coral Spawning The Great Barrier Reef Australia 2011

The Great Barrier Reef is set to put on another amazing show shortly as the annual coral spawning takes place. The coral spawning usually occurs 4 to 6 nights… More...

Osprey Australia
September 2011

Osprey Takes Flight at Thala

Photographer Colin McCLoud has been spending some time at Thala Beach Lodge’s bird hide to capture the maiden flight of the youngest member of Thala’s… More...

Dwarf Minke Whale
July 2011

Eye to Eye with Dwarf Minke Whales

Rob and Oonagh Prettejohn, owners of Thala Beach Lodge, have just returned from an eye-popping 6 days on the Outer Barrier Reef. Dwarf Minke Whales congreg… More...

Fish using tools
July 2011

Fish using tools on the Great Barrier Reef Australia

Here’s another great reason to visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, you might be lucky enough to see fish using tools… On the 12th November 2006 Sc… More...

Humpback Whale Great Barrier Reef
June 2011

Humpback Whales Arrive at The Great Barrier Reef

A Humpback Whale photographed on the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas Australia.It’s that time of the year again as reports of the first Humpback… More...

May 2011

Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns 2011

The Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns Triathlon will see thousands of athletes, spectators and media flock to the area for the headline event of the Cairns A… More...

April 2011

Thala Features in Coconut Oil Story

Thala appeared on A Current Affair on Monday 4th April as part of ACA’s Coconut Oil story. Another great appearance from Carl Johanson the coconut-n… More...

February 2011

Port Douglas Markets

If you’re staying at Thala Beach Lodge over a weekend why not check out the Port Douglas markets? The Port Douglas markets happen every Sunday on the water… More...

February 2011

Thala plays part in Guinness World Record

In December 2010 a couple earned a Guinness World Record after renewing their wedding vows 85 times. The record previously stood at 83 vows. Mark and Denise… More...