river snorkellingOne of the advantages to having such a diverse geographical wonderland for visitors in the Port Douglas area to experience, is there’s potentially many ways one might engage with it. Take for example river drift snorkelling, the activity unleashed by travel company Back Country Bliss Adventures on the Mossman River.

A stunning section of water that begins as a highland stream 1300 metres above sea level, the Mossman River runs for 30 kilometres to the Coral Sea, while accumulating water from the 140-million-year old rainforest it travels through on its way down.

Plummeting down a precipitous mountain range on sections of its journey, the river contains water filtered by giant ancient trees situated along its banks. So you’ll be drifting down some of the cleanest natural sources of water imaginable, all while experiencing a unique rainforest environment.

back country bliss adventuresThis Back Country Bliss Adventure tour is located roughly one-and-a-half hours north of Cairns and goes for approximately 3 hours. Featured on the TV show ‘Getaway’, the tour location was also used for the Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg series ‘The Pacific’.

Before plunging into this unique environment, guests require a ‘medium’ level of fitness, and are given a wetsuit, snorkel gear and an experienced instructor to take them down a safe and relaxing section of the river. It’s recommended river adventurers bring swimmers (for under their wetsuit), a towel, camera, and shoes that can get wet.

During the Back Country Bliss Adventures tour, you’ll drift down the gentle waters of the river, experiencing the magic from the forest above and riverbed below. And while staring through the crystal clear water, you’ll learn about the local history, flora and fauna of this ancient wonderland.

The tour is suitable for all ages and provides a unique and accessible way to experience this striking local environment. Thala Beach Lodge can organise your Back Country Bliss Adventures river drift snorkel tour for you to experience during your stay.