night dive the great barrier reefWith such an array of wildlife, including six turtle species, numerous whales and dolphins, and over 150,000 species of tropical fish, the Great Barrier Reef is a striking underwater kingdom teeming with life.

Why then wouldn’t you want to explore the world of these amazing creatures at night, when there’s a whole other show going on? As at night, there are literally thousands of reef animals that are too shy to see the light of day.

Fortunately, there are a number of night dive options that explore the Great Barrier Reef, where colourful fish follow your torchlight in unbridled curiosity, and you’re shown a world that’s far removed from our terrestrial lifestyles.

Night diving tours can be organised by several companies.

night squidDuring the night dive, you’re likely to see the nocturnal dog face and black spotted puffer fish, epaulette sharks, clown fish, bumphead parrot fish, and even sea turtles snoozing amongst the corals. Other creatures you mighht see on a Great Barrier Reef night dive include reef sharks and lion fish, along with a myriad of coral species.

One option for a night dive experience is a multi day live aboard cruise trip which can take you to sights you mightn’t otherwise get to. Such places offer diving through hard and soft corals, drop offs and swim throughs, where you’ll experience some of the many different environments inhabited by creatures of the night.

If you’re particularly enthusiastic about seeing the reef in all its diversity and splendour, why not take a night dive and experience its more mysterious side?