sea kayaking port douglasLocated in such a captivating and diverse part of the world, Thala Beach Lodge plays on its strengths by providing numerous ways for visitors to interact with the local environment. One of which is its sea kayaking Port Douglas excursion, which includes a trip around Thala’s private headland.

Here guests are given an experienced guide, which will take you to places seldom known, places where marine turtles, sting rays, dolphins and dugongs are known to inhabit. On a clear day at Thala, one can see a rich marine environment of corals, urchins, molluscs, rays and brightly coloured coral-fish without leaving the kayak.

Common sights on this kayaking Port Douglas tour include green turtle heads, which may suddenly appear above the surface before you’ll hear an unexpected whoosh of air. In between marvelling at such sights, stop and look around as you glide over the translucent waters of the Coral Sea, which abuts areas of World Heritage forest.

When drifting in Thala’s neighbourhood sea, you’re amongst the country’s most sacred treasures. On any given day, you might be lucky enough to spy sea eagles plummeting for fish, dugongs snacking on sea grass, or any number of wildly coloured fish hovering around your vessel in unbridled curiosity.

If there’s any place where you’ve got the urge to jump in a kayak, then make this it, as there’s arguably no better place for it.

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Thala’s sea kayaking Port Douglas trips launch directly from the resort and typically run for about three to four hours. A moderate to low level of fitness is required, and all kayaking and safety equipment is provided. Thala recommends you bring a hat, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, and a appetite for wonder and adventure.

Enjoy the view!