princess cruise132
June 2016

Thala welcomes Dawn Princess cruise ship to Cairns

The first of Princess Cruises’ Sun class vessels sailed into Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal recently marking the beginning of terrific opportunites for… More...

Coral and fish TEQ 132
June 2016

Wonders of the Great Barrier Reef Australia

Australia is home to the world’s biggest living structure. Running almost the whole length of Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from sp… More...

June 2016

Saltwater crocodiles – be ‘crocwise’& view them safely

Saltwater crocodiles go by a few different names. Estuarine crocodile, Indo-Pacific crocodile, sea-going crocodile or simply just ‘saltie’ are so… More...

World Ocean Day Blue Revolution132
June 2016

Celebrating World Oceans Day with a special seafood menu

June 8th is World Oceans Day and we’re laying on the water-infused charm on the shores of the Great Barrier Reef. At Thala Beach Nature Reserve weR… More...

May 2016

Green Ants of Australia & why they’re busy little rainforest builders

Green tree ants are essential builders in the rainforest. They’re like the worker bees of the ant world. The native forest of Thala Beach Nature Rese… More...

Whaleshark GBR thumbnail
April 2016

Whale sharks on the Great Barrier Reef

The world’s largest fish, the whale shark, is rarely spotted in the waters off the north Queensland coast. A mysterious migratory creature, whale shark… More...

Carnivale partygoers132
March 2016

Celebrate Carnivale festival in tropical Port Douglas

Port Douglas’s fabulous festival Carnivale is an annual fun-filled festival held across different venues in this beachside village. This year the fes… More...

Jungle surfing132
March 2016

Strap yourself in for adventure in the Daintree Rainforest!

If the most adventurous you’ve been lately is ordering a spicy Thai curry, go north my friend, for Port Douglas and its tropical surrounds are an adrenali… More...

February 2016

Thala Beach & Tourism Australia’s coastal & aquatic campaign

Thala Beach is honoured to be included in Tourism Australia’s latest promotional campaign focusing on Australia’s world-class coastal an… More...

Minke Whale
February 2016

Great Barrier Reef features in Attenborough documentary

  Tropical North Queensland’s dwarf minke whales star in Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef documentary series which was released in… More...

January 2016

Discounted Airnorth flights to Cairns start in March 2016

Cairns and Port Douglas will benefit from more flights as Airnorth starts operating new flights into Cairns Airport from 14 March 2016. Direct services wi… More...

Millaa Millaa Falls
January 2016

10 reasons why the wet season is the fun season!

The wet season in Tropical North Queensland is traditionally the low season for holiday makers. While southern Australia is bathed in summer sunshine (so… More...

imcairns ride 132
December 2015

Book your Cairns IRONMAN accom at Thala Beach Nature Reserve

The Cairns Adventure Festival, which includes Cairns IRONMAN and Cairns IRONMAN 70.3 is an action packed event in Tropical North Queensland from 5 – 12 J… More...

CIAF1 132
December 2015

North QLD Indigineous designers feature at Melbourne Fashion Festival

The Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF) fashion performance, Birrimbi Dulgu Bajal (Rainforest and Sea Dreaming), will take its performance to Melbourne i… More...

coral spawning132
December 2015

Coral reef research to reverse rapid decline

The quest to stabilize and restore coral reefs, a critical component of our ocean ecosystem, is receiving increased help through a unique research projec… More...

Maxime Coquard-11 132
November 2015

10 of the Most Photographed creatures of the Great Barrier Reef

A loveable little orange clownfish named Nemo has a lot to answer for. The Great Barrier Reef has never been so popular since Nemo and his fabulously forgetf… More...

Great Barrier Reef snorkelling
November 2015

Great Barrier Reef coral spawn: happening soon!

Unless you’ve been hiding in a world wide web black spot behind a sand dune, you’ve probably already heard about nature’s spectacularly synchronis… More...

November 2015

Tropical North Queensland awards excellence in tourism

The Cairns Convention Centre and long-serving tourism industry leaders Stephen Gregg and James Dixon were awarded for their contribution to tourism exc… More...

Great Barrier Reef Drive
November 2015

Captain Cook Hwy to be known as Great Barrier Reef Drive

THE picturesque drive from Cairns to Cape Tribulation will now be known as the Great Barrier Reef Drive after getting the nod from State Government. The ide… More...

Thala_Beach 132
October 2015

Australia on Lonely Planet’s ‘must visit’ list in 2016

Leading global travel authority Lonely Planet has chosen Australia as one of the world’s Top 10 Countries for next year in LONELY PL… More...