Humpback Whales Arrive at The Great Barrier Reef

June 2011

Humpback Whale Great Barrier Reef

It’s that time of the year again as reports of the first Humpback Whales arriving on the Great Barrier Reef off Port Douglas and Cairns are rolling in.… More…

Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns 2011

May 2011

The Cairns Airport Challenge Cairns Triathlon will see thousands of athletes, spectators and media flock to the area for the headline event of the Cairns A… More…

Thala Features in Coconut Oil Story

April 2011

Thala appeared on A Current Affair on Monday 4th April as part of ACA’s Coconut Oil story. Another great appearance from Carl Johanson the coconut-n… More…

Port Douglas Markets

February 2011

If you’re staying at Thala Beach Lodge over a weekend why not check out the Port Douglas markets?
The Port Douglas markets happen every Sunday on the water… More…

Thala plays part in Guinness World Record

February 2011

In December 2010 a couple earned a Guinness World Record after renewing their wedding vows 85 times. The record previously stood at 83 vows.
Mark and Denise… More…

The Great Barrier Reef Australia – Coral Research

February 2011

Recent flooding in South East Queensland and the recent cyclone Yasi means weather in Australia is a hot topic at the moment. Mother nature is a powerful and… More…

UPDATE! – Back in Operation After Cyclone Yasi – PLEASE READ

February 2011

Thala Beach Lodge is back in action after Cyclone Yasi!
There were many leaves and branches spread over Thala after Cyclone Yasi made landfall at approxima… More…

Valentines Day Dinner 2011

February 2011

If you’re in Cairns or Port Douglas and you’re looking for a romantic escape for you and your partner then why not dine in Osprey’s resta… More…

Queensland Floods

January 2011

Our hearts go out to everyone effected by the Queensland floods but please be aware that Queensland is a large state in Australia + Thala Beach Lodge and Nort… More…

The Dreaming Track – Bushwalking Australia

January 2011

The Queensland Government is planning to begin construction of The Dreaming Track in 2011. The Dreaming Track will be a combination of trails that will joi… More…

Guests cocooned at Thala Beach Lodge

January 2011

Many guests cocooned at 5 star Thala Beach Lodge reportedly are enjoying the experience too much to leave! Michelle Behsman, the resort’s sales and mark… More…

Round Headed Parrotfish Research – The Great Barrier Reef Australia

December 2010

New research conducted by the University Of Queensland has found that the Round Headed Parrotfish’s night time cocoon of mucous is actually to protect t… More…

Whale Shark Spotted On The Great Barrier Reef Australia

December 2010

Tourists were treated to a lucky encounter on a trip to The Great Barrier Reef on the 5th November 2010 when the boat they were aboard (Aristocat) came across… More…

Pygmy Seahorse Discovery – The Great Barrier Reef Australia

December 2010

James Cook University scientists believe they have discovered a new species of Pygmy Seahorse on The Great Barrier Reef, Australia. The recent discovery… More…

Christmas + New Year Accommodation Specials

December 2010

Come spend Christmas + New Year at Thala Beach Lodge (Between Cairns + Port Douglas Australia) and take advantage of our special rates for the period 24/12/… More…

Weddings at Thala, Oak Beach – Between Port Douglas + Cairns Australia

December 2010

You’re in capable hands with your wedding at Thala Beach Lodge, Port Douglas. Thala’s fantastic wedding co-ordinator Angelique Schesser is an exper… More…

Cassowary Identification Project Mission Beach Australia

November 2010

Liz Gallie is urging people to take photographs and document sightings of Cassowaries around Mission Beach for The Cassowary Identification Program. Ms… More…

Challenge Cairns Barrier Reef Ironman Australia

November 2010

The Challenge Cairns Barrier Reef Ironman Event will be happening in Cairns on the 5th June 2011. Record prize money is up for grabs and the event is expected… More…

Thala Supports Eco Lodges of Australia

November 2010

Thala Beach Lodge is proud to be one of Australia’s leading independent ECO tourism properties that supports the new marketing group, Eco Lodges of Aust… More…

Beautiful Photographs at Thala Beach Lodge Taken by Guest

November 2010

Here are some great photographs taken recently at Thala Beach Lodge by Lucas & Melanie on their honeymoon trip! Thanks Lucus & Melanie!
Click thum… More…

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